“As a coach and intuitive, I’m all passionate about support others in changing their lives. Through my coaching work, my book, in seminars and talks, I help my clients and audience to establish the connection to their very own Divine Sparkle, to their hearts – so they get to unlock their potential and live a life of fulfilment and purpose. I feel I’m making an impact. I live my purpose, my “mission”. But it hasn’t always been that way.

I went through a challenging childhood, and all I was focussed on was surviving. I gave up my sense of self until, when I managed to leave home, I had become almost invisible. I had no plans for myself. I had absolutely no perception of a bigger version of this “Me” that I was experiencing on a daily basis. I took in what others told me I should do to be a respected person. So, I went to university, began my M.A. studies – and quit. I took on jobs, achieved successes, but felt so lost. Decided to take another turn studying, graduated, took on jobs again and everything still felt so wrong. I kept questioning myself. I kept blaming myself for not feeling happy with a life that looked so happy from an outside perspective: Good job, nice car, loving husband, money for clothes and vacations …

I stumbled across an energy healing technique. Being non-spiritual and all suspicious at that time in my life, I still knew I had to find out about it. There was a deep knowing that I had to follow. So, I booked a seminar and got all the qualifications that I could to then, only three months later, quit my job and open my practice as a full-time energy healer. Finally, I had broken free from the chains and I was able to serve! Supporting my clients in tuning in to their vast potential and releasing some of the blockages that kept holding them back, I discovered just a few months later that obviously I was an intuitive, empath and channel. Eventually, I started offering channelling sessions, conducted one-day seminars, teaching my attendees how to channel themselves (did you know everyone can do this??), and in January 2016, my first book was published.

But it wasn’t until later in 2016, when I met Imran Mohamad, an amazing coach from Singapore, , that finally I got to understand the bigger picture of my mission and purpose. We talked and Imram shared his mission with me, the impact he wanted to make, his passion for contributing to the community and making this world a better place by serving others. In that very moment, a switch inside my heart flipped, and I knew: My years of struggle, hard work, set-backs and starting all over again had not been in vain. The knowledge and expertise I had gained in my life and practice were to be shared so others could avoid these mistakes, learn faster, connect to their heart’s wisdom and guidance deeply and live the happiest life turning their dreams into reality, manifesting their visions, making an impact, doing what matters most. Without a doubt I knew: This is my mission.

Looking around, I saw so many unhappy women – and I used to be one of them: Chained to their desks, schedules crammed with tasks and obligations, no time for their loved ones, no time to do what matters most, constantly questioning themselves. The help that I would have wanted for these women wasn’t available. But I knew I could help. That day, I got committed. I decided to devote my life’s work to helping these women so they, too could live a life of fulfilment, a life they love, achieving great results, deeply connected to and grounded in their innermost truth, authenticity and power. And I feel beyond grateful for being able to say that this is what I do now: Supporting my clients in igniting their Divine Sparkle, so they get to live a life they love, a life that leaves them feeling fulfilled every single day. THIS is what makes my heart sing and jump for joy every single day.”